Spring 2023 SOWK 487w Week 05 - From Families to Groups and Culturally Competent Social Work Practice

A presentation at Heritage University @ CBC - Week 05 in in Pasco, WA 99301, USA by Jacob Campbell

Week five, we continue to talk about families, but move to trying to understand them in the context of what does it look like for LGBTQ families. Students read Asakura (2016) and we get the opportunity to talk through the social ecological framework of resilience that she describes for working with LGBTQ familes. We also work on some practice activities related to genograms/eco-maps.

The agenda for this week is as follows:

  • Time to work on group presentation together
  • Considering Genograms/Eco-Maps
  • Social Ecological Framework of Resilience
  • Activity
  • Video