Youth, Trauma, & Resilience: A Qualitative Interview with a Teacher

A presentation at CIIS Narrative Inquiry Presentations 2020 by Jacob Campbell

Presentation completed regarding narrative inquiry project I completed.

Abstract: A semi-structured qualitative interview with a veteran teacher is the basis of this study. I designed the questions to uncover her perspectives and look for insight regarding trauma, resilience, and students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. I elaborate on the study’s procedures and design. Included is the full transcript of the interview and forms used for informed consent as appendices. Themes from the exchange include defining and understanding trauma and resilience their connection with behavior. Boundary blurring, sincere interest in the youth, developing rapport and connection, and school reform were all included as other ideas exposed during the dialog. The participant’s perspective showed alignment with current research publications, and the analysis consists of tying in the information drawn from the interview with these other publications.

More information can be found at School-Age Youth, Trauma, and Resilience: A Qualitative Interview with a Teacher to Understand Perspective of Working with Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disabilities