Spring 2023 SOWK 487 Week 10 - Group Practice Models - Cognitive Behavioral Group Work

A presentation at Heritage University at CBC Week 10 in in Pasco, WA 99301, USA by Jacob Campbell

In week 10, we start looking at treatment groups. To look at this, we will use the example of three types of groups. The week’s readings are around these topics. I also want to share some example curricula that you can see and review to get a picture of what this looks like. All of the readings for this week are good information, and I think they will help give you some perspective. Dialectical behavioral therapy is a frequently used group format, and Rizvi et al. (2013) provide a helpful overview of what it looks like. Next, Rose (2004) gives the example of cognitive-behavioral group work (CBGW). Even though most curricula don’t explicitly describe themselves as being founded in CBGW, there is an argument that I could make that they are. Finally, Roffman (2004) reviews psychoeducational groups. Our use of the circle of hope handbook and when we talk about school-based social-skill instruction, we will continue to talk about this genre of group work.

The agenda for week 10 is as follows:

  • Group Intervention Pitch
  • Psychoeducational group skills
  • Curriculum used with pscyhoeducaitonal or CBGW
  • Phases of the group process for CBGW
  • Information about DBT
  • Planning and implementation group