Spring 2024 SOWK 487w Week 11 - Therapeutic Group Models - Mutual Aid Groups

A presentation at Heritage at CBC Week 11 in in Pasco, WA 99301, USA by Jacob Campbell

Week 11’s focused on mutual aid style groups. There are three readings for this week. First, Schwartz (2005), a republished article from the ’80s, talks about social work groups and provides some good context for the mutual aid model, especially as Schwartz is one of the pioneers of the model. Shulman (2014) provides some practical examples of people in mutual groups. Rosenwald and Baird (2020) layer on how social workers can fit mutual aid group work within the context of trauma-informed care practices.

The agenda for the class session is as follows:

  • What are mutual aid groups
  • Dynamics of mutual aid groups
  • The phases of helping within the mutual aid process
  • Facilitation of mutual aid