Spring 2024 SOWK 487w Week 04 - Further Practices for Engaging with Families

A presentation at Heritage University at CBC Week 04 in in Pasco, WA 99301, USA by Jacob Campbell

In week four, we continue with our consideration and work on understanding and working with families. You have to do readings to go over outside of the textbook. First, Chovil (2009) a report that helps explain some of the best practices in working with and engaging families. It also provides context to what roles families can play in developing and promoting services. As you read Anderson-Butcher et al. (2004), we will also be the first to focus on the connection that families might have to other types of groups. Next, you can watch a short documentary about services for families, Administration for Children and Families (2015). During class, we will also be spending time talking about potential family roles and some specific tools for doing family work.

The following is the agenda for week four:

  • Specific tools for working with families
  • Dysfunctional family roles
  • Some standard techniques for working with families